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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
ArmeegruppeHeeresgruppe EHeeresgruppe F
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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F) Documents from National Archive Washington
   Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F), T311 roll 286  
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66142 Ic/A.O., Anlagenband - Chefsachen. - Reports on negotiation offer of the English Mission with Zervas concerning the capitulation of German troops in Greece. Directives to the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding organization of anti-Communist organizations. Notes on the inspection trip of Lt. Gen. Foertsch in Hofia. Reports on Communist led guerrilla forces in Greece; activities of Zervas; Turkey*s possible participation in the war on the side of the Allies; possibility of Bulgaria going over to the Allied side; and Russian movements toward Hungary., February 10, 1944 - November 04, 1944
66144 Ia, Ic, Lagebeurteilungen aus dem Bereich der unterstellten Kdo.-Behörden. - Ia reports on the political situation, coastal defense, own and enemy tactical ground and air situation, supply, transportation, economic, health and propaganda situations in Greece, Yugoslavia and Albania. Ic report on the political, security and partisan situations. Appraisal of the tactical situation re Allies and Greece. Order of battle data covering ELAS organization. Map (1:1,000,000) showing location of partisan activities in Greece. Map (1:800,000) showing disposition of German units in Yugoslavia and Albania., June 15, 1944 - September 17, 1944
75139/2a Ia/A.O., Kriegsakten OB Südost. - Reports, messages, and charts .pertaining to partisan organizations EAM, EDES, ELAS, DM (Mihailovic), Chetniks, Tito*s group, and other groups, and their activities and cooperation with the German or Allied forces in Albania, Greece,and Yugoslavia. Orders, charts, and maps concerning the organization and activities of Kdo. d. Nachrichtenaufklarung 4. Appraisals of the tactical situation and reports of enemy attacks on International Red Cross transports in Greece. List of partisan drop points, air fields, coastal landing places, and naval bases, including map (1:200,000) showing their location in Greece. Order of battle data covering EAM and EDES units, including maps (1:1,000,000) showing their tactical disposition in Greece, Map (1:2,500,000) showing the location of Allied liaison command in the Balkans and map (1:2,000,000) showing the location of enemy agents1 communication networks in southeast Europe., January 17, 1944 - September 30, 1944