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117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
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T315, r. 1299T315, r. 1300T315, r. 2263T315, r. 2264

117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division) Documents from National Archive Washington
   117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division), T315 roll 1299  
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117.JgD, la, TB mit Anlagen. 1943-03-31 - Activity report of the concerning corobat against partisan units in the Sarajevo and Visegrad areas in Yugoslavia and planned transfer to Attica, Greece during April 1943. (This document of the 717.ID was incorporated with the records of the 117.JgD. For additional records of the 717.ID see rolls 2262-2264 of this microfilm publication.), March 16, 1943 - March 31, 1943
117.JgD, la, TB mit Anlagen. 1943-04-30 - Activity report of the Operations Branch pertaining to the conversion of the 717.ID to the 117.JgD, 1 Apr 1943; training; combat against partisan units; reconnaissance and security activity; and transfer to the Athens, Khalkis, and Marathon areas in Greece. An entraining survey; a list of officers* duty assignments; casualty, combat, and ration strength reports; order-of-battle charts; reports on alert orders; and special supply directives,, April 01, 1943 - April 30, 1943
117. JgD, la, Ic, TB mit Anlagen. 1943-06-30 - Activity report of the Operations Branch concerning the transfer of the division to the Athens, Khallcis, and Thebes areas and later to the Peloponnesus; training; occupation duty; combat against partisan units; the tactical situation; a command post exercise; and the general political and health situation in Greece. Entraining and detraining schedules; billeting surveys; order-of-battle charts; lists of officers* duty assignments; casualty, combat, and ration strength reports; and special supply directives. Activity report of the Intelligence Branch regarding the setting up of intelligence services, military security, and troop entertainment., May 01, 1943 - June 30, 1943
117. JgD, la, TB. 1943-07-31 - Activity report pertaining to the status, organization, training, occupation duty, and security activity of the unit and combat against partisan units, coastal defense, battle conduct, and the tactical situation in the Peloponnesus; and a report on the command relationship between German and Italian units. Intelligence bulletins and reports and charts concerning the enemy army, airr and naval situation; unit identification and strength; partisan activity; and organization and order of battla of British Army units., July 01, 1943 - July 31, 1943
117. JgD, la, TB mit Anlagen. 1943-09-30 - Activity report concerning occupation duty, combat against partisan units, air and coastal defense, security activity, and the tactical situation in the Peloponnesus; preparations for and execution of Unternehmen Bytina (antipartisan action in the Vitina, Hazeika, and Olympia areas) and Operation Achse (action taken due to the Italian capitulation); planned reorganization of the division by 15 Oct 1943; and the withdrawal of the Italian Inf.-Div. Cagliari. Intelligence bulletins and a map concerning partisan organization, strength, activity, and tactical disposition in the Peloponnesus., August 01, 1943 - September 30, 1943