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Divizija Brandenburg (Brandenburg Division)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
ArmeegruppeHeeresgruppe EHeeresgruppe F
PanzerarmeePanzerarmee 2
ArmeekorpsXV. Gebirgs ArmeekorpsXXI. Gebirgs ArmeekorpsII. SS Panzer ArmeekorpsXXXIV. ArmeekorpsLXVIIII. ArmeekorpsLXXXXI. Armeekorps
Division114. Jäger Division117. Jäger Division118. Jäger DivisionBrandenburg Division7. SS Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen1. Kosaken-Kavallerie Division369. (Kroatische) Infanterie-Division Teufel373. (Kroatische) Infanterie-Division Tiger
T315, r. 2112

Divizija Brandenburg (Brandenburg Division) Documents from National Archive Washington
   Divizija Brandenburg (Brandenburg Division), T315 roll 2112  
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la, Befehle und Meldungen der Division Brandenburg. 1944-10-10 - Orders, reports, and messages pertaining to the operations of all units of Sonderverband Brandenburg in the southern sector of the eastern front and transfer to Berlin, Brandonburg, Krahne, and Neuhaus, Wehrkreis III, Jan-Mar 1943; coastal defense and security by IV. Btl. Brandenburg in Tunisia, Jan-May (probably captured); reformation as Division Brandenburg by adding one Ers.Btl. and one Lehr-Btl. to each of the four regiments, mid-Mar-May; and transfer to southeast Europe (Yugoslavia) by order of OKW, 22 Apr, and the arrival of the 4. Rqt. at Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, in mid-May and participation in Unternehraen Schvarz (operations against partisans in the Foca area, mid-May-16 Jun), and operations against partisans in the Banja Luka area, 28 Oct-7 Dec. Security in the Lamia, Levadia, and Thebes areas of Greece and occupation of the Island of Euboea by the 1. Rgt., 15. Fallschirmjg.-Komp. /4. Rgt. , and 1. Kuestenjg.-Abt., Q Aug-27 Oct, and assault on and occupation of the Aegean Islands of Astypalaia (Stampalia), Leros, Sanos, Cephalonia, Kos, and Levitha, 3-23 Oct; operations against partisans and carrying out of sanctions, such as burning villages, and security by the 2. Rgt. in Phlorina, Grevena, Kastoria, Kozane, Skidhra, Edhessa, Kivotos, and Konitsa, Greece, 9 Aug-8 Dec; and participation in Unternehmen Achse (disarming and internment of Italian Forces in Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania, Northern Italy, and the Islands of Corfu and Haddalena, 8-30 Sep). Securing of the Mont Cenis Tunnel and the Nice-Menton-Genoa highway by the II./3. Rgt; occupation of and securing the harbor of Durazzo, Albania, by the 15. Fallschirajg.-Komp./U. Rgt.; and the capture and occupation of the Island of Maddalena, Italy, hv the 16. Fallschirmjg.-Komp./4. Rgt. through a coup de main, and the Island of Corfu, Greece, by Komp. Suedtiroler/2. Rgt. and 1. Kuestenjg.-Abt., Sep; defensive and offensive ongagenents by the III,/I. Rgt. in the Zhukrovka, Foshnya, Semerechi, and Kostyukovichi areas and in the Desna, Vet*na, and Iputf River sectors. Soviet Union, 11 Sep-2 Oct; and defensive engagements and operations against partisans by the I./3. Rgt. in the Nevel and Mogilev areas and by the Legionaer-Btl? in the Zhitoiair area, 1-24 Nov. Formation of landeseigene Streifkorps or Einsatzgruppen in France, Italy, Balkan, Baltic States, Slovakia, and Carpathia to aid Division Brandenburg in its missions, 28 May-1 Sep 1944; assembly of the division in the Belgrade, Yugoslavia area, 9 Sep; reorganization of Division Brandenburg as Panzergrenadier-Division Brandenburg by order of OKS, 15 Sep; transfer of I./3. Rgt. to Baden, Wehrkreis XVII, Austria, 25 Sep; release of all personnel of Streifkorps and their transfer to the combat school in Freiburg i./Breisgau, 21 Sen; and incorporation of the staff of the IT. and III./3. Rgt. into the 157.GebD in Turin, Italy, 4. Mov., January 01, 1943 - October 10, 1944
Ila/b, Personal Meldungen, Befehle, Nachweisungen und Listen der Division Brandenburg. 1945-01-19 - Orders, reports, lists, tables, receipts, and forms pertaining to drafting and assignment of special qualified personnel, with commando type training, especially as paratroopers and interpreters, for units of Sonderverbaende and Division Brandenburg and Heimatstab Brandenburg at Brandenburg/Ravel, Wehrkreis III, and Ersatz-Brigade (mot) Grossdeutschland., November 25, 1942 - January 19, 1945