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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F) Documents from National Archive Washington
   Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F), T311 roll 187  
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64732/1 Na.Fü., Tätigkeitsbericht OB Südost. - Weekly activity reports concerning the maintenance and operation of telephone, radio, and teletype equipment and installations; assignment and training of personnel; and signal intelligence activities., July 02, 1944 - December 30, 1944
64732/2 Na.Fü., Anlagen z. Tätigkeitsbericht, OB Südost. - Reports concerning instruction in radio and teletype communication and changing of frequencies and call letters. Diagrams of telephone and teletype circuits and radio communication lines for the Sarajevo- Brod-Agram area. Radio communication plans of OB Südost/H.Gr. F, and lists of signal communication code names for H.Gr. F units., July 01, 1944 - December 31, 1944
64828 Ia, Anlagenband z.KTB OB Südost, Krafteverlagerung. - Teletype messages of H.Gr. E/Ia to OB Südost/H.Gr. F relating to the evacuation of H.Gr. E troops, military goods, and equipment from the Greek islands and to the employment of holding forces of German and Italian troops. Orders concerning the blockade, destruction, and security of important mountain roads in Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia. Special directive for supplying H.Gr. E march movements., August 29, 1944 - November 11, 1944
64829 Lw. Kdo., Anlagen z. KTB. - Report and overlay (1:500,000) concerning the evaluation of march routes from Skopje to Sarajevo and the tactical situation in this area; also, reports on the allocation of planes for ground alerts of Pz. AOK 2 regrouping of H.Gr. Staffel subordinated to H.Gr. E and the reorganization of Lw.Kdo. Südost Air Transport units. Consolidated activity report of Flak Art/Lw.Kdo. Südost, Sep 1 - Oct 15, 1944. Overlay (1:1,000,000) showing the strategic concentration and mission of Lw.Kdo. Südost in Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia., September 01, 1944 - December 13, 1944
64831/1 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB Südost, Akten betr. Bulgarien. - Reports, orders, and teletype messages relating to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Armed Forces; tactical operations; military and political situation; training and combat readiness; traffic and border control; delivery and distribution of German weapons; construction of fortifications; and water supply along main highways; also, surveys on billeting of German troops in Bulgaria. Directives for Deutsch. Gen. b. Kgl. Bulg. Wehrmacht. Notes on staff conference of II. Bulg. A.K. concerning such matters as mobilization, organization, strategic concentration of troops, coastal defenses, treatment of Bulgarian minorities in Greece. . Consolidated activity report of the Kustenverteidigungsstab Südost. Maps and overlays (1:200,000; 600,000; and 1,000,000) showing the tactical disposition of Bulgarian Army units along the border of Turkey and in Thrace and of H.Gr. E units in Greece, and the location of railroad lines, water supply sources, and billeting areas for German troops in Bulgaria., September 13, 1943 - September 03, 1944