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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F) Documents from National Archive Washington
   Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F), T311 roll 190  
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65946/1 Ic, TB mit Anlagen. O.Qu., Kriegstagebuch Nr. 1 OB Südost. - War diary relating to transportation, evacuation, supply situation, and other O.Qu. activities in Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia., July 01, 1944 - December 31, 1944
65946/2 O.Qu., Anlagen 1-200 z. KTB Nr. 1 OB Sudost. - Weekly reports concerning supplies of ammunition, fuel, rations, and clothing; medical, veterinary, and army postal services; billeting; chain of command and organization; exploitation of the local economy; and removal of military-economic goods by H.Gr. F/O.Qu. units in Serbia and Croatia. Monthly appraisals of the supply situation. Reports on the organization of the Chetnik group in Serbia and evacuation of the Agram area. Inventories of ammunition, weapons, fuel, rations, and ships. Special directives for supply troops in Serbia and Croatia and for march movements of H.Gr. E units. Maps and overlays (1:600,000) showing the disposition of Chetnik and H.Gr. F/O.Ou. units in Serbia and Croatia, and the location of unit boundaries in OB Sudost sector., July 01, 1944 - December 31, 1944
65946/3 O.Qu., Anlagenmappe 2 z. KTB OB Sudost. - Weekly reports relating to supplies of ammunition, ordnance, fuel, rations, and clothing; medical and veterinary services; transportation of supplies and troops, billeting and care of prisoners of war, exploitation of the local economy, and border control by H.Gr. F/O.Ou. units in OB Sudost sector. Monthly medical reports of H.Gr. F, H.Gr. E, and Pz. AOK 2/O.Ou./Qu. 1 concerning the supply situation and the activities of medical units., July 01, 1944 - October 31, 1944
66135/1 Ia, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 3 OB Sudost. Ia, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 3 OB Sudost. - War diary concerning defensive ground, sea, and air operations and situations, losses, withdrawal movements, coastal defense, combating partisans, removal of military-economic goods, and the destruction of utilities and industrial plants, machinery, and equipment by H.Gr. F units in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, and Yugoslavia; and enemy losses, movements, and tactical ground, sea, and air operations and situations in OB Sudost sector; also, declaration of war by Rumania, Aug 26, 1944, and Bulgaria, Sep 8, 1944., July 01, 1944 - December 31, 1944