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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
ArmeegruppeHeeresgruppe EHeeresgruppe F
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Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F) Documents from National Archive Washington
   Armijska grupa F (Heeresgruppe F), T311 roll 189  
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65570 Ic/L., Anlagen z. Tätigkeitsbericht des OB Südost. - Reports, orders, and teletype messages concerning operations and the tactical situation; desertion of a regiment to Yugoslavian forces; and troop morale and training of II. Bulgarian A.K. units in Greece and Serbia; also, the defense of the coast of Thrace. Notes on visit of OB Südost to Sofia concerning increased commitments and reorganization of Bulgarian forces. Reports on the political situation in Albania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Monthly activity reports of Deutscher Ausbildungsstab b.d. Kgl. Bulg. Heeresleitung, Nov - Dec 1944. Information concerning commitment of Bulgarian units for Operation Kugelblitz (an anti-Tito action in Serbia)., August 28, 1943 - April 22, 1944
65605/2 Ic/A.O, Anlagen z. Tätigkeitsbericht d. OB Südost. - Orders, reports, and teletype messages pertaining to the tactical mission and operations, construction of coastal field emplacements, and security of coastal batteries against bombardment from battleships by army coastal artillery units. Notes on inspection trips by Stoart to army coastal artillery units in Greece. Appraisal of coastal defenses by army coastal artillery units in OB Südost sector., December 12, 1943 - August 15, 1944
65606 Ic/A.O., Anlage z. Tätigkeitsbericht, OB Südost. - Monthly activity reports of H.Gr. F/Transp.- Wesen, Jul 1 - Dec 31, 1944. Orders, reports, and teletype messages relating to railroad activities, transportation situation, and security of railroad lines and installations. Report on experience gained by Feldeisenbahn ausbildung Batl. 1, Apr 1 - Jun 30, 1944, in defensive preparedness. Sketch of radio communications network for railroads in OB Südost sector. -urvey of transportation duty stations and list of bridges destroyed or damaged in Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia. Maps (1:1,000,000) showing the location of disruptions, acts of sabotage, and accidents on railroad lines and installations in Greece and Yugoslavia., April 01, 1944 - December 31, 1944