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15. brdski armijski korpus (XV. Gebirgs Armeekorps)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
ArmeegruppeHeeresgruppe EHeeresgruppe F
PanzerarmeePanzerarmee 2
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15. brdski armijski korpus (XV. Gebirgs Armeekorps) Documents from National Archive Washington
   15. brdski armijski korpus (XV. Gebirgs Armeekorps), T314 roll 558  
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Geb AK XV, 46764/23, Besetzungszone II - Information on the tactical situation in Occupation Zone II, the area of Knin, Split, and Sinj on the Dalmatian coast., August 20, 1943 - September 07, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/24, Kampfgruppe Ost-Bosnien - Report on operations of Kampfgruppe Ost-Bosnien, charged with rail security in Brod, Sarajevo, and Mostar and occupation of the Travnik-Bosovaka sector., October 11, 1943 - October 22, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/25, Ia, Vorgesch.Gefechtsstand - Information on tactical operations at the Advance Command Post at Doboj (Bosna River)., October 15, 1943 - October 25, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/26, Ia, Unternehmen Ziethen - Information on Operation Ziethen (the crossing of the Dinaric Mountains in the Livno, Tomislavgrad (Duvno), and Sujica sector)., November 12, 1943 - December 26, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/27, Ia, Unternehmen Delphin - Information on Operation Delphin (mopping-up operations on islands facing Zadar and Sibenik along the Dalmatian coastline), November 15, 1943 - December 01, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/28, Ia, Unternehmen Merkur - Information on Operation Merkur (the annihilation of the guerrilla base in the Sospic-Udbina sector)., November 25, 1943 - November 27, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/29, Ia, Unternehmen Panther - Information on Operation Panther (the annihilation of guerrilla bands around Glina and destruction of supply bases in Petrova Gora and Samarica, in order to increase rail security between Zagreb and Novska)., November 27, 1943 - December 26, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/30, Ia, Unternehmen Haifisch II - Information on planned Operation Haifisch [I (landing on Maslinica Mala and mopping-up of the island of Solta under own artillery protection). Operation never took place., November 29, 1943 - December 08, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/31, Ia, Unternehmen Waldrausch - Information on Operation Waldrausch (securing of the supply route from Sinj to Livno)., December 29, 1943 - January 11, 1944
Geb AK XV, 46764/32, Gefechtbericht Banja-Luka - Tactical information on operations in the Banja Luka (Vrbas River) area., December 30, 1943 - January 23, 1944
Geb AK XV, 46764/33, Ia, Unternehmen Adler - Information on Operation Adler (mopping-up of the area between Gospic and the coastal sector from Senj to Karlobag)., November 11, 1944 - November 26, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/34, Bahnschutz und Schutz Wehrwirtsch.Betriebe - Information on security measures taken to safeguard supply routes, rail installations, and plants producing war materials., January 09, 0942 - August 27, 1943
Geb AK XV, 46764/35, Kroat.Heer - Information on the organization, duties, and assignments of the Croatian Army during operations along the Dalmatian coast., December 31, 1942 - October 25, 1943