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369. legionarska divizija (vražja) (369. (Kroatische) Infanterie-Division Teufel)
Oberkommando der WehrmachtOberkommando der Wehrmacht
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T315, r. 2154T315, r. 2155

369. legionarska divizija (vražja) (369. (Kroatische) Infanterie-Division Teufel) Documents from National Archive Washington
   369. legionarska divizija (vražja) (369. (Kroatische) Infanterie-Division Teufel), T315 roll 2155  
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369. (kroat) ID 45652/1 - Ia, Ic, IIa, TB mit Anlagen. - War -journal concerning assembly of the division in Tuzla; security; operations against partisans; mopping-up actions in the Zvornik, Caparde, and Sekovici areas and the Drinjaca-Drina confluence; advance southward through Zivinice, Miljkovac, and Maidan; alteration of the division-s boundary to the Sava River; operations against partisans and security of the railroad line Brod-Sarajevo, roads, and industrial and mining areas in the Kreka, Zepce, Teslic, Zavidovici, Bijelnina, Majevica, and Prnjavor areas; and regrouping of the division with headquarters in Doboj, 1-31 Jul 1943. Security of coal mines in the Tuzla and Kakanj area and the railroad line Sarajevo-Visegrad (including the bridge over the Lim River) and Lasva-Travnik, inclusion of the Fojnica and Ustibar areas in the divisions security sector and movement of staff headquarters to Sarajevo, 5 Aug 1943, partisan attacks on Maglaj, Zepce, and the Rajlovac airport and their assembly in the Puracic area endangering Lukavac and the railroad line Doboj-Tuzla; action between Chetniks and partisans in the Ozren Mountains, and security of the Drinjaca River, Travnik, Zenica, Trnovo, Ustikolina, and Cajnice areas with subordination of all Croatian units to the division, 1-31 Aug; reprisal action against marauding bandits in the Kiseljak, Visoko, and Ilidza areas, unconditional surrender of Italy, the return of Dalmatia to the Croats, and disarmament of Italian forces; and security of the railroad line and highway Sarajevo-Mostar 1-30 Sep.
Strength and casualty reports; a register of officers; activity reports of the intelligence branch and intelligence bulletins regarding enemy operations and situation, propaganda, treatment of bandits, civil public opinion, intelligence service, and trocp indoctrination and morale; and interrogation summaries., July 01, 1943 - November 30, -0001