NUERENBERG TRIALS - The High Command Case & The Hostage Case

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"The High Command Case"
(Introductory material and basic directives under which the trials were conducted together with Chapters I through VII -B of High Command Case are printed in Volume X.)
VII. War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity-Selections from the Evidence (cont'd)1
    C. Measures Against Prisoners of War and Enemy Belligerents1
        1. Introduction1
        2. Treatment of Prisoners of War in German Prisoner-of-War Camps2
        3. Killing of "Dispersed" Soldiers63
        4. The Commando Order73
        5. The Terror Flyer Order166
    D. The "Night and Fog" Decree and the Terror and Sabotage Decrees195
        1. Introduction195
        2. The "Night and Fog" Decree196
        3. The Terror and Sabotage Decrees235
    E. Deportation and Enslavement of Civilians254
        1. Introduction254
        2. Contemporaneous Documents255
        3. Extracts from the Testimony of Defense Witnesses Westerkamp and Heidkaemper285
    F. Plunder of Public and Private Property, Destruction, and Devastation Not Justified by Military Necessity305
        1. Introduction305
        2. Contemporaneous Documents306
        3. Defense Evidence317
VIII. Photographic Reproductions of Documentary Evidence323
IX. Final Argumentation331
    A. Introduction331
    B. Extracts from the Closing Statement of the Prosecution331
    C. Extracts from the Closing Statement for Defendant Reinhardt374
    D. Extracts from the Closing Statement for Defendant Warlimont377
    E. Closing Statement for the Defendant Lehmann379
    F. Extracts from Closing Briefs of the Defense398
        1. Defendant von Kuechler398
        2. Defendant Hoth406
        3. Defendant Reinhardt408
        4. Defendant Hollidt414
        5. Defendant von Roques416
        6. Defendant Lehmann433
    G. Extracts from Final Briefs Concerning the Responsibility of a Chief of Staff446
        1. Introduction446
        2. Extract from the Closing Brief for the Defendant Woehler446
        3. Extract from the Closing Brief of the Prosecution Against the Defendant Woehler450
X:. Final Statement of Defendant von Leeb to the Tribunal on Behalf of All Defendants458
XI. Judgment462
        The Indictment463
        Count One463
        Count Two463
        Count Three465
        Count Four465
        Conspiracy Count482
        Controlling Principles in Trial483
        Count One of the Indictment-Aggressive War485
        War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity491
        Crimes Against Civilians495
        German Military System501
        Superior Orders507
        Commissar Order515
        Barbarossa Jurisdiction Order521
        Commando Order525
        Night and Fog Decree527
        Hostages and Reprisals528
        Partisan Warfare529
        The Hague and Geneva Conventions532
        Responsibility of Commanders of Occupied Territories542
        Hitler and the Wehrmacht549
        Wilhelm von Leeb553
        Hugo Sperrle564
        Georg Karl Friedrich-Wilhelm von Kuechler565
        Hermann Hoth580
        Hans Reinhardt596
        The Commissar Order597
        The Commando Order599
        Hans von Salmuth614
        Karl Hollidt625
        Otto Schniewind629
        Karl von Roques630
        Hermann Reinecke648
        Walter Warlimont661
        Otto Woehler683
        Rudolf Lehmann690
XII. Confinnation of Sentences by the Military Governor of the U.S. Zone of Occupation698
XIII. Order of the United States Supreme Court Denying Writs of Habeas Corpus701
        Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms701
        Table of Comparative Ranks703
        List of Witnesses in Case 12704
        Index of Documents and Testimony in Case 12707
"The Hostage Case"
        Order Constituting Tribunal V761
        Members of the Tribunal762
        Prosecution Counsel763
        Defense Counsel763
I. Indictment764
II. Arraignment782
III. Opening Statements785
    A. Extracts from Opening Statement of the Prosecution785
    B. Opening Statement for Defendant List855
    C. Opening Statement for Defendant Foertsch897
IV. The Theater of War in Southeastern Europe904
    A. Introduction904
    B. Organization of the German Army905
    C. Relations of the German Army with Satellite Governments and Satellite Armed Forces912
    D. Cooperation of the German Army with the SS and the Einsatzgruppen924
    E. Extract from Testimony of Defendant Rendulic934
V. Hostages, Reprisals, and Collective Measures in the Balkans. Measures Against Partisans and Partisan Areas937
    A. Introduction937
    B. Contemporaneous Documents938
    C. Testimony of Defendants and Defense Witnesses1036
VI. Treatment of Captured Members of the Italian Army1078
    A. Introduction1078
    B. Contemporaneous Documents1078
    C. Extracts from Testimony of Defendant Lanz1088
VII. Destruction in and Evacuation of Finmark, Norway1113
    A. Introduction1113
    B. Contemporaneous Documents1113
    C. Extract from Testimony of Defendant Rendulic1123
VIII. Photographic Reproductions of Documentary Evidence1137
IX. Closing Statements1141
    A. Extracts from Closing Statement of the Prosecution1141
    B. Extracts from Closing Statement for Defendant List1172
X. Final Statement of Defendant List to the Tribunal on Behalf of All Defendants1228
XI. Judgment .1230
    A. Opinion and Judgment of Military Tribunal V1230
    B. Sentences1318
XII. Confirmation of Sentences by Military Governor of the United States Zone of Occupation1320
XIII. Extract of Order of Supreme Court of the United States Denying Leave to file for Habeas Corpus1322
        Table of Comparative Ranks1323
        List of Witnesses in Case 71324
        Index of Documents and Testimonies in Case 71326