William M. Leary: FUELING THE FIRES OF RESISTANCE - Army Air Forces Special Operations in the Balkans during World War II

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Fueling the Fires of Resistancei
Hitler's Assault in the Balkans1
Balkan Resistance Is Born3
British Aid to the Guerrillas5
The Army Air Forces Behind Nazi Lines7
Gearing Up to Support the Balkan Patriots11
The Hazards of Night Work14
Evacuations Against the Odds16
Guns and Mules20
Aerial Resupply of the Balkan Resistance21
Rescuing Downed Airmen28
Little One's Journey33
Nazi Forces on Retreat in Greece34
A Job Well Done36
Special Operations Units Do Their Part37
Troop Carriers Persist41
No Longer a Secret War43
Suggested Readings46