RESISTANCE, SUFFERING, HOPE - The Slovene Partisan Movement 1941 - 1945

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6Janez Stanovnik: Slovenia's Road to Sovereignty
14Janko Pleterski: History of the Slovenes
24Jože Pirjevec: The Strategy of the Occupiers
36Božo Repe: The Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation
48Damijan Guštin: The Partisan Army - Armed Resistance in Slovenia during World War II
62Gorazd Bajc: The National Liberation Front and the Allies
70Janko Kostnapfel: Partisan Health Care
78Matjaž Kmecl: Culture and the Arts during the Resistance
86Boris Paternu: The Image of the National Liberation Struggle in Slovene Poetry of Resistance 1941-1945
94Franc Fabec: Photography during the Slovene National Liberation Struggle
102Darja Kerec: A Chronological Survey of the Slovene History